Looking for great websites by experts in their field that have tips and resources on how to support Play with your child? Here are my recommendations that help make the search easier on the web.Check out the list below and you may find one that fits your needs.

1. Kathy Eugster

If you are looking for some imaginative and creative play ideas, check out Click on the website address and then choose Articles.

Some of the topics included are:
• Encouraging Children to Play — includes 12 practical ideas to help your child play imaginatively.
• Play Therapy— explains how a play therapist works with a child to explore and resolve problems through play.
• Special Play Time — Helps to strengthen the parent-child bond and to relief stress.

Kathy has a MA in Counselling Psychology, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Certified Play Therapist.


Even when parents agree that their kids need to play more, busy lifestyles often make it difficult.

If you are wondering how to make Play happen, the article on 10 ways to help children get their play back is worth reading:

“The studies are clear on the importance of play. . . . It takes a lot of work to make it happen. But it’s worth it.”

3. Encourage Play

This excellent website: has resources that you can read, use or watch. It provides simple &intentional play ideas to help kids learn social skills and connect through Play, as well as acquire coping skills.

You can sign up for the newsletter and receive 40 Family Dinner Time Conversation Starters for free.

Janine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a mother of two.

4. Playful Learning

This newly updated website
has resources and lessons that empower children to make a positive impact on their surroundings.

Be sure and check out the section Free Resources for Parents, which includes activities for home on diverse topics such as science, art, global studies, math, and well being. To get free printables, just sign up to receive your weekly newsletter.

With over 10 years of EDU experience and a growing family, Mariah started Playful Learning in 2008 as a resource for parents and teachers. She has a M.S. ED in Elementary Education.

5. Education

I highly recommend
You can choose from a variety of interactive resources: activities and games. Teachers will love the lesson plans. The site offers parents and teachers use of their 30,000+award-winning resources.

The free worksheets and printables help kids explore topics, and build knowledge in key areas. The puzzles, mazes, and specific skill-based exercises help to practice skills in different ways. The materials are fun and easy-to-use.

As a basic member, you have limited access to resources. But it’s a great way to try out the website and you can always upgrade later.

6. Bright Horizons

Click on FAMILY RESOURCES to get expert childhood development tips including on how to grow a reader or a scientist, and fun home activities from the official site of You can subscribe to their free weekly e-family news for parenting tips just by signing up.

If you looking to join an online community, listen to parent podcasts or webinars, then this is the place to be.


If you need some help in raising sports active kids, then this is the right spot for you. is a youth sports information website for parents looking for advice, an online community and tips from a team of experts and other dedicated parents to make sure that youth sports is safe for children of all ages.

You might like to check out “7 Things Parents Can Do to Keep Their Kids Safe” under Health & Safety.

8. Imagination

Imagine a world where all children are taught to be creative thinkers and doers, and encouraged to make their very best ideas happen.Is this a far-fetched notion?

In 2012, a filmmaker Nirvan Mullick met a 9-year-old Caine Monroy. The chance meeting sparked a worldwide movement celebrating Creativity and Play.

On the last day of summer Nirvan met Caine, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s East LA auto parts shop.

Amazed by the boy’s creativity, Nirvan organized a flash mob of customers to surprise Caine and make his day. Visit and watch “Caine’s Arcade” and “Caines Arcade 2” and get inspired.


This great website offers guides and videos on a number of topics such as:

• 15 awesome playground toys
• Play sculpture to get kids’ imagination flowing
• Pretend Play that makes kids brave at the doctor
• 18 Brain Breaks that make kids happy

Get some fantastic game ideas in your inbox each week just by signing up and a Rainy Day Games list.

Jocelyn Greene is an educator, children’s theatre director, and a parent who lives in New York.

10. LEARNING 4 KIDS is an online resource where parents and educators can find activities and play ideas to do with their children that promote FUN learning.

Janice is an Australian Mum of three and Pre-Primary Teacher (5 and 6 Year olds). She has a Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) and Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood Education.


Who are the happiest people in the world? The Danes are! According to the latest research findings. The article below talks about some of the play theories rooted in Danish culture with The Danish Way of Parenting author Jessica Alexander and psychotherapist Iben Sandahl, and expands on the Danes’ belief in the power of play.

To access this article click on and enter “WHAT DANISH PARENTS KNOW ABOUT THE POWER OF PLAY” in the search field, and then click on The Power of Play.”


If you want quick, fast expert advice and tips on how to enhance the play experience for your child, visit
Scroll to bottom of welcome screen and click on Parents. In the search field enter Encouraging Nature Play.


Great website to delve into if you would like to campaign and support play for children in your community.

The site offers excellent resources including articles on Quality in Play, Design for Play, as well as on specific topics such as Adventure playgrounds, and Parks and open spaces, Streets and Play work.


This excellent website is helpful for primary school teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level. What is Discovery Time?

Discovery Time is an exciting, activity-based program for primary school teachers to explore how to build key competencies in a fun, student-directed way. A successful Discovery Time session allows students to own their own learning by being actively involved in deciding what happens next, guided by skillful adults who set the scene.

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