What if you woke up one morning to the sound of drones flying overhead. But instead of dropping bombs, they sprayed the skies with a chemical that sucked up all the colour in the world. Everything around you was pitch black.

How would you feel? Shell-shocked and miserable, right? It would also be a world without possibilities, lacking in imagination.

This is what life feels like when we have limited scope and vision.The future is not bright.It is the same when we live in a world without imagination.

Is imagination highly overrated?
Many of us seem to think so; we say things like “I send my kids to school so they can learn useful basics.”It is assumed that only the creative types need imagination.The truth is that contrary to popular belief everyone needs it, including lawyers, engineers, plumbers and accountants.

Imagination allows us to benefit from systems thinking. We realize that everything in this world is interconnected, just like the ecosystem.

It also allows us to shift our position and see a situation through multiple perspectives: up, down and around.

When we see the big picture, it changes how we see things. This is what helps us to make wiser decisions.

An added benefit is that it helps us to face the challenges that life throws at us. Imagination is key to solving problems by enabling us to come with new ideas.

Imagination also impacts attitude. It makes the difference to whether someone will crumple up and quit or square their shoulders and look life in the eye and say to himself: “I can and I will” when facing tough circumstances.

Does it not then make sense to give our children the gift of imagination?
I say develop their imagination at the same time as giving them a solid foundation in the basics and then see what happens. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

A book activates their memories and their imagination because children have to fantasize about the characters and the changing scenarios.

It also strengthens self-confidence by depicting how the hero overcomes his challenges. Fiction that is full of adventure, action packed with a dash of humour — entertains and educates.

Now that’s something to chew on. In my middle grade book The Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella, the hero is on a mission to save Biham from starving from lack of space food. Alien snatchers are close on his heels. Will Virgo succeed in taking him back to Mars in time?

Check out my book The Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella by clicking on the Books page and take a look at the first chapter. See for yourself where it takes your tween.

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