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The Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella

Twelve-year-old Virgo Capella and his sister Lyra may have just met an alien posing as a street kid. Biham’s certainly odd enough, and his behavior is erratic. He has strange fits during which he trembles and his eyes dart in terror. But he couldn’t really be an alien, Could he?

When a group of zealous ET hunters targets Biham, Virgo’s forced to consider the impossible: that his strange new friend is not of this world. Enemies are closing in. A threatening individual known only as the Candyman and his cohort are willing to go to any lengths to capture their prey — dead or alive.

Will Virgo, Lyra, and their streetwise new friend Scorpio, be able to protect Biham long enough to figure out how to get him home? Time’s limited — Biham is on the verge of starvation, in desperate need of space food.

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Virgo and the Search for Geo Treasure

For the first time at age twelve Virgo gets punched in the stomach, with something much worse than being teased or bullied. He gets knocked down with an emotional hurt. Virgo’s mother is fighting for her life. He and his sister Lyra may be forced to carry on alone. Forced to live without their real dad, now they may lose being sent off to their cozy beds with a glass of milk. To make things worse, Virgo and his friend Josh come face to face with shady characters right in their own neighborhood. Treasure hunting just got a whole scarier. Will Virgo have the pluck and the spirit to support his mother during her ordeal, save his school from thugs, and be a true friend?


Virgo Meets Night Hawk

After three years, twelve-year old Virgo finally gets to be with his real dad when he and his sister Lyra join him on a summer vacation to Manitoulin Island. Things take a nasty turn at the park where they are staying. The fight starts when plans to extend the park into a strip of land where a native burial ground lies, become known to the Indians on the island. In the squabble, Virgo and Lyra are cut off from their dad by a boiling mob. The situation soon gets desperate: they are hungry, angry and alone. Then Virgo meets Night Hawk, a native Indian living on the island. Follow the continuing adventures of Virgo Capella as he battles the odds on this bewitching island — home of “Gzhe-Mnidoo” the great spirit.

“Original and fun, with an impressive list of baddies. Join Virgo and his pals on this wild and wacky adventure, as they experience science in a whole new way.”

— Angela Dorsey,

author of numerous juvenile fiction books published in Canada and in various countries

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